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About Showroom

Showroom of real estate is an annual property exposition traditionally held in spring, at the peak of buying activity.

14 elite real estate projects will be presented in 6-12 sq. m. stands.  Showroom will be located in the main gallery of the shopping centre among luxe boutiques. This guarantees a constant stream of potential customers to the exponents.

The distinguishing feature of showroom lies in the perfect integration of the exhibition into the shopping space of a mall. Thus, potential audience doesn’t have to waste time walk around endless exhibition halls. Visitors get acquainted to showroom projects in a relaxed atmosphere of shopping. This also allows sales managers to work closely with purchase-oriented clients.  

The exposition lasts for 18 days (3 weekends)
Showroom is being held for 9 times.
The number of participants is limited. 14 stands total.


Represented by Stratex Group Montenegro

Коллекция роскошных резиденций Dukley Gardens

Budva, Montenegro

от 700 000 до 3 800 000 Евро

Represented by Банк ВТБ (ПАО)

Коттеджный поселок "Березки"

Moscow Region, Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse

от 89 998 000 до 344 700 000 рублей

Represented by Knight Frank

Limassol Marina

Limassol, Cyprus

по запросу

Represented by Troika Estate

Belle Vue Batumi

Batumi, Georgia

от 2200$ за кв.м

Represented by Hermes-Sojitz

Palazzo Gallo

Milano, Italy

по запросу

Represented by Knight Frank


London, UK

по запросу

Lillie Square

London, UK

по запросу

Represented by Галс-Девелопмент

Квартал элитных апартаментов на Арбате «Театральный Дом»


от 53 до 178 млн. руб.



от 27,5 до 103 млн. руб

Городской квартал «Искра-парк»


от 7,8 до 25 млн. руб

Represented by АО «Лидер-Инвест»

Резиденция на Покровском бульваре


от 18 236 111 до 56 455 000 руб.

Резиденция на Всеволожском


от 47 040 000 до 382 090 000 руб.

Клубный дом на Серпуховском Валу


от 12 312 000 до 31 726 000 руб.

Клубный дом на Сретенке

от 17 380 000 до 62 130 000 руб.

Represented by БСК-Санкт-Петербург

Комплекс апартаментов «Новый Арбат, 32»


от 500 000 до 2,2 млн. руб за кв. м

Represented by Penny Lane Realty

Архангельская Ривьера

Moscow Region, Novorizhskoye shosse

от 19 700 000 до 27 300 000 р.


от 24 000 000 до 120 000 000 р.

Успенские усадьбы

от 35 000 000 до 75 000 000 р.


от 46 750 000 до 95 000 000 р.

Represented by ORDO Group International

Dammes Liepas

Latvia, Imantas

По запросу

Park Residences

Latvia, Yurmala

По запросу

Sun Terraces

Latvia, Yurmala

По запросу

Represented by Галс-Девелопмент

Элитный квартал «Сады Пекина»

от 28,5 до 85 млн. руб

Represented by ORDO Group International


Latvia, Riga

от € 172 150 до € 3 645 300

Address: I floor, Vremena Goda Galleries, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 48, Moscow.


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